2019 OCA Member Meetings

January 2019 Riedel Workshop Seminar

Saturday, January 7 at Okanagan Regional Library
Hosted by:  Riedel

February 2019 Meeting

Monday, February 4 at Sandhill Wines
Hosted by:  Sysco Kelowna

March 2019 Meeting – AGM

Monday, March 4 at Okanagan College
Hosted by: Chef Vincent Stufano and Culinary Arts Students

April 2019 Meeting

Monday, April 8 at Predator Ridge
Hosted by: Chef Sanjaya Mangalagama

May 2019 Social

Wednesday, May 1 at BNA Brewing
Hosted by: Okanagan Chefs Association

May 2019 Beer and Cheese Pairing Workshop

Monday, May 6 at BNA Brewing
Hosted by:  Chef Ross Brock Bowes and cheese master David Beaudoin

June 2019 Meeting

Date:  Monday, June 3 at Upside Cider
Hosted by:  Chef Ross Derrick, Broken Anchor Food Truck

September 2019 Meeting

Date:  Monday, September 9
Hosted by:

October 2019 Meeting

Date:  Tuesday, October 8
Hosted by: Chef Kai Korroll, Block ONE Restaurant at 50th Parallel

November 2019 Meeting

Date:  Tuesday, November 4
Hosted by:  Chef Darrin Kashin, CRAFT Beer Market

December 2019 Christmas Party

Date:  Monday, December 2
Hosted by: Chef Jeremy Luypen, Summerhill Pyramid Winery