Stone Soup – A Fundraiser for Niteo Africa

Niteo Africa is a Kelowna based organization that collects books from local households, schools and libraries that would otherwise usally be recycled. The books are carefully packed into a shipping container destined for Africa. There the container is fitted with windows, doors and shelving. It becomes their community library!! Each container will also supply about 100 reading corners throughout the community. Without these books many children would simply have zero access. Niteo’s mandate is to provide quality education for all children and it begins with literacy.

On February 18th, 12 Junior Chefs stepped up to support Stone Soup and created delicious canapes based on a children’s book.

Nigel King & Denise Koepke (both of Predator Ridge) based their dish of Crispy Asian Duck with Chinese Pan Bread on the book, The Ugly Duckling. Rachel Broe & Eric Lee (both of Okanagan College) made a Bacon Wrapped Chicken Roulade, Cauliflower Puree, with Marsala Pan Jus for the book, Three Silly Chickens. Siobhan Detkavich (Terrafina) and Tatyana Antonyan (Okanagan College Student) made a delicious savory biscuit with crispy Prosciutto, Tomato Jam, Pickled Egg White, and Basil Aioli for the book, Humpty Dumpty. Chef Member Tina Tang, Alex McMillan (Relvas Catering) and Sarah Maw (Oak & Cru) served up a Cheesecake ham, cream green eggs, apple gel and brown sugar crumble for the Dr Seuss Classic, Green Eggs & Ham. Linda Baird (OC Alumni) made some adorable Honey Cakes for Winnie the Pooh. And our winning dish from Josh Starrett and Devin DiGiglio (both of Xchange) made a Smoked Foie stuffed Pork Tenderloin, smoked duck breast, and pistachio brittle. It was an incredibly tight competition and all of the Juniors did an outstanding job!